Mina Tanjung Beach Hotel & Resto

Things To Do

Gilli Islands

 Visit nearby Gili Islands (Gili Mino, Gili Air, Gili Trawangan). We can organise direct boat transport from the hotel. On Gili Trawangan you will find many cafes, restaurants, bars, nightlife. Rent a bicycle or a horse and cart to see the island as no cars or motorbikes are permitted. Gili Mino is famous for its bird and turtle sanctuary. Gili Air is a smaller and quieter version of Gili Trawangan.

Diving and snorkeling

There are many companies you can book diving or snorkeling tours and equipment including Dive Central Gili, Diversia Diving, Uber Scuba, DSM Dive Gili Diving Centre.


If you have chartered a boat from Gili Islands ask them to take you directly to Hotel Mina. It is further than Bangsal Harbour so they may charge you extra.

Trek & Waterfall

30 mins from the hotel you can treck 2kms from parking spot to see the Gangga Waterfall. If you travel 1 hr 15mins from the hotel you can see more impressive waterfalls Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile near Senaru Village on the slopes of Rinjani Mountain.


Charter a catamaran to take you sailing or sail yourself at Indocats Charters.

White water rafting

Go 4 wheel driving up the mountain and white water rafting down the river. Contact either Lombok Rafting or Lombok Intrepid.

Mountain Trekking

Mt Rinjani is the 2nd highest mountain in Indonesia at 3,276m above sea level and it takes 3 days to climb and descend this active volcano. It is recommended to go in t he dry season and to go with a guide. There is a crater lake, hot springs, camping, cold weather at the top and very steep difficult climbing. If you want a rewarding challenge then this is for you. There are a number of licensed companies who organise treks including Rinjani Trek Adventure, Syam Trekker, Rinjani Trekking Centre